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The luxury car is a symbol of affluence, styling, comfort, power and a sense of exclusivity. Not many people can afford to join the luxury car club. Some people buy a luxury car in order to show off wealth and uniqueness.

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Others buy luxury cars for the comfort, technological bells and whistles, styling or precision engineering. Still others may buy a luxury car for the nostalgia it evokes (father and grandfather owned the same make of automobile) or the nostalgia that comes with a classic vehicle from a particular era in history that is memorable.

On this website we will offer luxury car reviews of vehicles mainly from the past and present. While many of the luxury cars reviews may center on the present, a few may even embrace the future (concept luxury cars) that may never even make into public ownership.

Some of the luxury car reviews may include the following brands:

  • Acura luxury car
  • Audi luxury car
  • Bentley luxury car
  • BMW luxury car
  • Cadillac luxury car
  • Infiniti luxury car
  • Jaguar luxury car
  • Lexus luxury car
  • Lincoln luxury car
  • Maserati luxury car
  • Maybach luxury car
  • Mercedes Benz luxury car
  • Morgan luxury car
  • Rolls Royce luxury car
  • Volvo luxury car

Of course this is not an all inclusive luxury car list. There are many fine and rare luxury cars we will cover as well. These brands are the most well-known however, so one can expect us to give more attention to these.

Different makes and models of luxury cars will appeal to different owners and enthusiasts. One man's Rolls is another man's boring. By the same token a Jaguar may not be upscale enough for some automobile owners or enthusiasts. The devil is in the details as they say.

With a struggling economy luxury car brands have also taken a hit in sales. Mergers and acquisitions lurk around every corner for many upscale carmakers. But, never mind that pessimism as the luxury car will not perish anytime soon.

The first cars in history were considered to be luxury cars that only inventors and the elite could drive. Then in 1902 the Cadillac Automobile Company was founded and afterwards bought by GM in 1909 and the luxury car market has never looked back since.

So, take a look around. Enjoy the luxury cars presented and let us know of any you would like to see on this website. Remember to bookmark this luxury car destination and come back often as many updates will be coming soon.



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